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Visual Astrology

There are many different ways you can learn about visual astrology. There are free lectures and newsletters as well as books, Studyshops and software.

A brief introduction

Visual Astrology is a way of working with the whole sky on the day you were born. Its roots lie in the very origins of astrology when the sky was mapped and the movement of stars and planets was watched for signs of change and information about births.

Whatever style of astrology you practice, psychological, traditional, Hellenistic, medieval, humanistic, Vedic, esoteric, spiritual or "other", you can place the images of the whole sky on the day of birth like a tablecloth under the horoscope. Such an underlay does not alter your horoscopic meanings but rather helps you focus them.

Visual Astrology is being used by a growing number of astrologers around the globe to enhance their delineation skills.

If you want to place the sky and the stars back into your astrology, then there is much you can explore and a great deal of it is FREE.

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