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A New Way of Learning - Little and Often

Reading Charts - A focus on aspects to find the patterns in a chart.

This Module starts Sunday 10 February 2019.

Please note this short course is limited in number

How do we learn anything? Little and often!

Here is the idea...



This course is focused on learning to work with complex aspects in ANY chart and begin to use that knowledge to seeing the unique patterns within a horoscope. The course is designed to run over three months. Every month (a four week period) you watch four short 12-15 minute lectures (these can play on your phone) and then you engage in a forum and answer assignment questions related to the material being studied. You can do this all at once at the beginning of the month or you can pace yourself over the month. When you engage in the forum, you will be in conversation with fellow students, along with Darrelyn Gunzburg who will be guiding the discussion and responding to your assignments.

The Learning Centre

Upon enrolment you will, before the start ot the module, be given your password and access to the Moodle Astro Logos Learning Centre. You can visit this now, however before you enrol, you will only have access to the front page. The link is on the top RIGHT hand corner of every page of this website - STUDENT LOGIN.

What is covered in the Reading Charts Module - Understanding Aspects?

In brief, we look at all components of what makes an aspect important in a horoscope and how, by understanding them in depth, a pattern will begin to emerge. The lectures cover everything necessary from the technical side of orbs right through to recognising the story within an aspect. Look at this 8 minute video in which Darrelyn gives a preview of the entire module. It will also give you a taste of the style of the lectures in the module.

Online Tutorials

At the end of every monthly segment, before the next month's material is opened up on Moodle, there will be an online tutorial. In this tutorial you have the opportunity to ask questions about the material that has been covered in the videos. This tutorial will be recorded and the resulting MP4 video file will beuploaded to the Moodle module page. If you cannot come to the tutorial you can submit questions which will be discussed.

What level of astrology do I need?

The module is aimed at astrologers who know the basic components of a chart: the different meanings of the houses, and the nature of the planets. As long as you have those pieces in place, even if you are a little unsure how it all goes together, then you will have sufficient knowledge for the module. The module, through video lectures, active forum assignments, handouts, plus the tutorial, is designed to lift your aspect reading skills to a higher level, whatever your starting point.

Do I get a qualification?

A certificate of successful completion will be awarded to students who have engaged with the module by being active on the forum and posting assignments for at least three out of four of the topics listed per month and shown a suitable level of understanding of the material. If we are unsure of your ablity we may ask you to submit a written delination of a aspect. .


Spring Term - Enrolments close Saturday 9 February 2019 or when course is full.
Month 1
Forums active: Sunday 10 February to Sunday 10 March
Online Tutorial: Wednesday 6 March 19:30 GMT

Month 2
Forums active: Monday 11 March to Sunday 7 April 
Online Tutorial: Wednesday 3 April 19:30 BST

Month 3
Forums active: Monday 8 April to Sunday 5 May 2019 
Online Tutorial: Wednesday 1 May 19:30 BST

Access to the Module material

The day before the course commences you will be enrolled in the Astro Logos Learning Centre. Once you log in, you will have access to the module material. Every month a new lot of material is added. This enables you to engage with the material step by step. Once the course finishes you will only have access to the Moodle page for the module for a further ten days. We will, however, flag this up with you so you can ensure that you have everything that you need from Moodle.


You can enrol in the module by clicking on the link below.

Fees: Module starting 10 February 2019 - £445

Terms and Conditions

All fees are payable in full before the commencement of the module. 

Withdrawal: If you chose to withdraw from the module BEFORE you have been given access to Moodle and the material, then a full refund will be issued. If you decide to withdraw within the first month of the module, then a 50% refund will be issued. After the first month there is NO REFUND for a student who wishes to withdraw.

Deferring: If you have started the course but need to defer, you can do so, but you MUST COMPLETE the module in the following intake for that module, otherwise you will be considered to be withdrawing from the module.

Your Tutors

Your tutors for this short course are Darrelyn Gunzburg and Bernadette Brady

Module Textbook

There will be downloadable handouts that accompany the videos.

Will there be other modules?

The intention is to run a second module 'Reading Charts Part 2'. This is still 'under construction'.

Further information
If you have any questions about this short course please contact us.

Enrolment in Spring Term Short Course - Reading Charts is now open.

Enrolments close on 9 February.





Darrelyn Gunzburg