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Seeing the Sky through Astrological Eyes
A diploma module in Fixed Stars and Visual Astrology

Online as well as On-your-desk

Lecturer and Tutor:
Bernadette Brady M.A. and additional material and tutorials with Darrelyn Gunzburg.

You will not be handed out to other less able tutors, Astro Logos teaches in a "hands on style" where you are working directly with Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg.

Bernadette is author of:
Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark.
Brady's Book of Fixed Stars
Astrology, a place in chaos and
Star and Planet Combinations

co-author of the software:
Jigsaw (research program)
and Starlight (Visual Astrology program).

Both Darrelyn and Bernadette are co authors of the Visual Astrology Newsletter as well as "Restoring the Heavens to Astrology", pubished August 2010

This Diploma will enable you to add to your own astrological skills the knowledge on how to combine the ancient sky myths into your or your client's life story.

To your astrological tools you will add:

  • Star parans - adding to the planet the ancient constellation myths which sit underneath the horoscope and give a further dimension to your astrological work.
  • Producing and reading natal sky maps - the images of the sky and the constellations for the day of birth.

Special note:This diploma is for those astrologers who are working with other people's charts, either professionally or for friends and Bernadette expects that you already have the skill of delineating a natal chart.

Who can enrol?

The module is open to all astrologers who have a basic, standard astrological background achieved after the first two years of study. If you are enroling in this module as a One-Off module and are new to Astro Logos then you will need to complete the Requests for Admission on-line form. We will wish to know your astrological background. There is no pre-enrolment assessment for this module. Please be aware that if you have no formal qualifications in astrology you may be requested to submit a assessment paper before you are admitted to the module - here is an example of the type of assessment that you may be sent.

Module Fees

The fees for the six month module are available on the enrolment page.

The Fixed Star and Visual Astrology Module

The Fixed Star and Visual Astrology module is a part of the Astro Logos Adviance Diploma and is designed to teach you how to work with the fixed stars and visual astrology using the original methods employed by astrologers before the days of Ptolemy. You will be taught how to weave these techniques with the natal chart to give a deeper understanding of planetary aspects and combinations. If you are a consulting astrologer this diploma will enhance and deepen your astrology and allow you to offer a unique astrological service to your clients.

The Design of the Module

The module consists of one semester and the materials are CDs as well as online tutorials. The course is centred around the books, Brady's Book of Fixed Stars, and Star and Planet Combinations both by Bernadette Brady and the software Starlight developed to fulfil the need for a software application that worked with the stars in the manner described in Brady's work.

The module will also include on-line seminars in fixed stars and visual astrology. These seminars will be for two hours and contain additional material to that supplied in the lecture CDs and is a vital part of the module. These seminars will be conducted as full video conferencing package to which Astro Logos subscribes and we will provide you with a special key for your use.

Teaching Style

This module is taught solely by Bernadette Brady with tutorial help by Darrelyn Gunzburg. We build a personal relationship with each of her students. This is more of a mentoring system then a impersonal attending of lectures. You are able to ask questions, get personal feedback on your assignments and through the online seminars work with Bernadette and Darrelyn in reading charts and discussing issues. You find yourself in a international community of like minded astrologers all working as a group to engage with new fields of learning.

Additional Materials You will Need to Purchase:

Brady's Book of Fixed Stars

Bernadette Brady (Samuel Weiser,1998)

Star and Planet Combinations

(Wessex Astrologer, 2008) Both books are available through most metaphysical bookshops.

Restoring the Heavens, the chronicles of the Visual Astrology Newsletter.

Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg (Astro Logos Publishing, 2010)

Available through Amazon or from this web site.


Starlight Software

This is not needed to complete the module but students will need to purchase this software in order to work professionally with fixed stars. Students enrolled in the course are able to claim a 10% discount on the normal retail price of Starlight. (See Starlight on the Links page.)