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Sunday 14 April and Sunday 28 April 2019 Master Class - Working with your Squares and making the most of your Trines

Squares in a chart are energising. They cause tension which produces action and in so doing, they act as engines in your life. Trines are where your potentials lie, but they work best when connected to squares or hard aspects. This weekend’s Masterclass seminars looks at these aspects in your chart to see how you can make the best use of your tensions and potentials.

This is a set of two Master Classes the whole weekend we will be working with each attendee's chart and show you how to unpack the information on squares and trines can add to understanding 'why it so' with some recurring themes in your life.

Sunday 14 April: Working with Your Squares: Tension which Creates Action

Squares in a chart are energising. They cause tension which produces action and in so doing, they act as engines in your life. There are, however, many factors to consider in order to understand the nature of your squares: What houses do they link? What modalities do they emphasise? How are they orientated in your chart? Do they emphasis any essential dignities? This Masterclass looks at the squares in your chart by taking into account each of these factors so that you can understand the most effective way for you to take action in your life.

Sunday 28 April: Making the Most of your Trines: Your Potentials
Trines are where your potentials lie. They link elements and taking that into account, as well as the orientation of the trines in your chart, this Masterclass will help you to gain insights into your deep potentials and how you are using them. Trines work best, however, when connected to squares or hard aspects. Thus this Masterclass builds on the previous day’s work on squares to see how you can dig deeper into an understanding ofthe nature of your potentials.

Attending the Master Class
You attend the Master Class online from your own computer - PC or MAC, or you can use your iPhone or iPad. We use Zoom which is a special service which enables us to all see and hear each other while also being able to share Power Points, white boards and chat boxes. Once you register for a class we will send you information and the link - the key - to the seminar room. For more information on what this is like to use click here. 

Your Tutor
The tutors for this master class are Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg

RECORDINGS and Power Point Presentations:
The Master Classes are recorded - sound, video and Power Points - but these recordings are ONLY made available to those who attend as we will be working with people's birth charts. Also you will also be emailed the Power Point presentations before the Master Class so that you can print them out and make notes as you go. 

Follow-through materials

Rethinking Aspects - Bernadette Brady

Skill Level
You will need to have chart-reading skills. 

The set of Master Classes is £130. You can, if you wish, just enrol for the first part, (£65.00) but if you wish a deeper contact with the subject, then we suggest you enrol for both parts (six hours of classes).

Certificate of Attendance 
Each person who attends both master classes will receive a certiifcate of attendance.

Cancellation Policy
You can cancel your registration up to a month before the date of the Master Class. Such cancellations will be refunded in full, back to the credit card you have used for your initial payement. If, however, you have to miss your Master Class we can emailed you the link to the recording if you wish. Please note recordings will only be made available for people who have registered for the Master Class and either have been unable to attend or for some reason have problems accessing the web.

Number of Registrations: Limited to 15 people. 

Sunday 14 April 15:00 - 18:00 BST : Working with Your Squares: Tension which Creates Action

Sunday 28 Arpil 15:00 - 18:00 BST : Making the Most of your Trines: Skills andTalents


Other Topics covered in Master Classes

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