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What people say about our Master Class

In the last two years there were 541 astrologers and students who attended an Astro Logos Master Classes. After some of the Master Classes we asked the attendees for feedback in order to improve and perfect these Master Class. Below is a collection of some comments by astrologers about their experience of attending a particular Astro Logos Master Class. All of the astrologers below have given their permission for us to use their comments on the web, some with their names and others without.

These are posted here in order to let you hear the voices of fellow astrologers who have gained from attending an Astro Logos' Master Class.

About the classes

Peter, USA
YES! You have this entire arena completely to yourselves and you should completely jump on it. The Eagle and the Lark (Bernadette Brady's book on Predictive Astrology) is 1 out of perhaps 10 clear, useful, non-crappy astrology books in the world - if there were classes on transits or solars and lunars I'd be all over that stuff in a heartbeat.

Astrologer from Sweden who did the Eclipse Master Class
I really appreciate your teaching, you have so much joy and genuine concern for all participants in the groups.

Babette Sindram, Netherlands
This is a great way to follow classes while one is abroad. Very understandable and well explained. Thanks Bernadette and Darrelyn.

Astrologer from New Zealand

I love these classes. What really works for me is the recordings because I can keep revisiting the material with the Power Point notes and go over it all again step by step. This has really helped my understanding of the nodes and how to work with an eclipse. It is all so clear. Thank you!

Claudia Johnson, USA
It did--more appropriately it continues to provide me with what I wanted which was a way to both understand and communicate appropriately to my friends and clients who are always wanting to know "what the upcoming eclipse" means for them.  Eclipses continue to be a mesmerizing topic and event..

Renato, Brazil

Christiane van Ierssel, Netherlands
After the Node Master Class said:   Very inspiring!

Karen Darby, Australia
I was impressed with the competent handling of the class via Webex and the inclusive way in which the class was conducted, making sure that participants were all on the same page, with both the technology and the astrology. The pre and post support materials were excellent.

Lykke Rasmussen, Denmark
Some words about the importance of not talking about one’s own look at spiritual issues to any client coming with their horoscope.

Joseph Addeo, USA
Your teaching style was clear, concise and very easy to follow and I loved the power point presentation as well.

Gudrun Getz, England
After doing the Aspecting Master Class she commented:
Bernadette and Darrelyn are absolute pioneers in the subject of astrology, bringing a whole new dimension to this rich art form that I find incredibly exciting. Both of them are excellent at making complex ideas accessible and understandable, and do so with care, humour, and passion. I feel very honoured to be receiving such immense wisdom and insight from these two inspiring luminaries who are breaking new ground in the field and sharing their knowledge with such generosity and delight. Thank you both for being part of my astrological journey!

Janet Carrol, USA after attending the Profession & Wealth in the Horoscope set of Master Classes  wrote:
Thank you both for providing quality online classes/seminars as they are truly some of the best in the astrology industry!

Silvana,from Uruguay
I love the master classes! I will attend as many as I can.

A Financial Astrologer from the USA,
I love your webinars and you seem to like to do them as if the participants are in a small, friendly class atmosphere with everyone expected to participate. When I first saw them on your website, I was hesitant about signing up due to the requirement of being in the room, using the webcam and microphone, trying to schedule around them. You might consider letting people sign up and be able to download later without actually being in the room. I frequently do financial presentations and can immediately pay and sign up since I don't have to arrange my calendar around it. I get a download the next day, often within a few hours, and can access the recording on their websites at any time In The future.    (Note: any person who is registered for the master class whether they attend or not have these recording sent to them within 36 hours.)


On using Webex and getting the recordings

Christiane van Ierssel from the Netherlands
So far I only received the recording of part 1: aspects to luminaries. It is wonderful to be able to listen to it again.

Astrologer from Australia

I haven't listened to the recordings yet, but they seem to be easy to access.

Christine DiSandro from USA
I really like WebEx. I had a little trouble at first with the player because you have to be sure to get the player that records and plays both wrf and arf filed. Once I became a little more technically astute, I love it. Same with dropbox.

Astrologer from New Zealand
The saved recordings are quite a feature because they give you the sound and pictures, not just sound as before.

Astrologer from USA
Hi! Sorry for the late response. Log in no problem. I used a Mac one day and a PC another. Log in no problem, but I had a problem with the webcam. My husband brought it home from his office. Couldn't get it hooked on the screen, but for the best since there were people and noise in and out of the kitchen where the desktop is located. I found the chat hard to navigate. Could have used more help on that, or perhaps I missed if you gave instructions. Seems you have to go up to the top to click Chat, and then navigate down to the bottom past posts to enter comments. The sites I use have the chat box right on the side, always ready for an entry. I am more used to Citrix:go to meeting and it seems easier. But all in all, you were very helpful and patient in bringing us up to speed.

Margriet Naber from France wrote:
It was pretty cool. I haven't dowloaded the recordings yet. It was very cool to be able to be connected to several other people around the globe at the same time, to be able to see and hear/read each of us sit in his or her own work room, kitchen or whatever. In my case, very nice to be able to do this together with my friend Vishishta in San Francisco whom I see very rarely in real life.

An Astrologer from Germany summed it up by simple writing:
I enjoyed this new way of learning very much.



Topics covered in Master Classes

We have a full schedule of Master Classes planned for 2016. Topics include Predictive Astrology, transits and progressions, Relationship Astrology, Eclipses, Understanding the Nodes, Aspecting , Children's Charts, Medieval Predictive Techniques - Firdaria and Profections, Solar and Lunar Returns and more. You can view the full list of Topics and Times here.