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Your Handwriting in your Chart

15 March 2015, at 15:00 - 18:00 GMT

Your Handwriting in your Chart

How high do you cross your letter 't'? What shape do you choose to make for your letter 'f'? We all put pen to paper. Even in this word-processed, image-rich world, of text messages, mobile phones and emails, we still write cards, notes and lists. We take handwriting for granted, yet each time you pick up a pen, you are shaping your world. This is considered by many to be graphology, yet this is a thin veneer of a far deeper and richer philosophical thread. Nearly 4,000 years ago, the potency of the alphabet, and the power of handwriting as magical and divine, was contained in an oral code known as the Sefer Yetzirah, guidance on how to co-create one's life through shaping the letters of the alphabet. Drawing on this information, this Masterclass will show you how to see your planetary patterns living in your handwriting. Your handwriting thus becomes the visible pathway for understanding and working with your chart. You will open a door to the hidden potential within your horoscope.

Darrelyn may ask you to scan some of your handwriting and send it to her in order to work with it in the master class.

Attending the Master Class
You attend the Master Class online from your own computer - PC or MAC, or you can use your iPhone or iPad. We use WebEx which is a special service which enables us to all see and hear each other while also being able to share Power Points, white boards and chat boxes. Once you register for a class we will send you information and the link - the key - to the seminar room. For more information onwhat this is like to use click here.

Your Tutor
The main tutor for this master class is Darrelyn Gunzburg

RECORDINGS and Power Point Presentations:
The Master Classes are recored - sound, video and Power Points - but these recordings are ONLY made available to those who attendance as we will be working with people's birth charts. Also you will be emailed the Power Point presentations before the Master Class so that you can print them out and make notes as you go.


Follow-through materials


AstroGraphology, the hidden link between your horoscope and your handwriting - Darrelyn Gunzburg (The Wessex Astrologer, publication date October 2009). You can purchase this from Amazon or your local bookshop.


Charts and Handwriting - Darrelyn Gunzburg - click here

Skill Level
You will need to have chart-reading skills and knowledge of predictive astrology.

The fee for the Master Class is £54.

Cancellation Policy
You can cancel your registration up to a month before the date of the Master Class. Such cancellations will be refunded in full, back to the credit card you have used for your intial payement. If, however, you have to miss your Master Class, we will email you the link to the recording which stays on the web for a week after the scheduled class. If you wish the recording to be posted to you on a DVD, there will be a small additional charge of £5.00 plus postage.

Certificate of Attendance
Having completed attendance of both sessions,  a ‘Certificate of Attendance’ will be issued.

Further information
If you have any questions about this Master Class, please feel free to contact us.

2015 Timetable & Registration

Sunday 15 March, 2015 at 15:00 - 18:00 GMT - Your Handwriting in your Chart




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