Since 1990 Astro Logos is in service to the professional global astrological community through our dedication to astrological understanding, awareness and education.

General information and FAQs about Astro Logos' courses



Brief FAQs

How do I study with Astro Logos?

What can I study with Astro Logos?
What are the prerequisites for enroling with Astro Logos?
How do I apply to be accepted in an Astro Logos course?
What are the fees and when are they paid?
What is the method or system of the online seminars? - download pdf (being updated)


How do I studying with Astro Logos?

You study by: Lecture CDs, online tutorials, and email.

Being an Astro Logos Open Leaning Student means that you work from home, join a community of students via real time online tutorials, send in regular assignments and are in touch with us via email, and tutorial discussions.

The key to our success is that when you enrol in an Astro Logos course you are not on your own. You join an international community of students.

  • You receive all your materials - lectures, notes and handouts - on CD and via the post. (These play on your computer - NOT on your home sound system).
  • You link up to students in real time online tutorials (you need to be running a PC or MAC and have broad band access to the internet.
  • You have a set timetable for submitting papers. Other students are also working to the same timetable, so you can discuss matters with them in the real-time online tutorials.
  • Your papers are marked and feedback is given both verbally and in the written word, so you have a personal student-teacher relationship with your tutor which is either Bernadette Brady and/or Darrelyn Gunzburg. We do not use a committee of tutors.
  • You can email us with questions if you get stuck.
  • We will email you if you are running late. We stay in touch with you.

What can I study with Astro Logos?

You can take your astrology from a basic level to a professional level by studying Chart Reading, followed by the Diploma of Astrology with its focus on Delineation and Predictive astrology then step into a professional level with the Advanced Diploma modules. Or you can step into one of our One-Off modules in Medieval Astrology or in Fixed Stars and Visual Astrology which run for six months.


Astro Logos' Courses

CHART READING looks simple when it is done by a professional. However, reading a chart demands that you juggle many components until the pattern emerges. This commencement course in two parts is held
online on Saturdays and Sundays for 2-hours over consecutive weekends as both lectures and practical sessions. It is tailor-made to guide you through those first puzzling steps of delineation until you feel comfortable enough to do it yourself

Chart Reading - Introduction

This is our entry level course (click here for overview information). Tthink about how you set about reading a chart – or even just an aspect. Do you plod from one planet to another, then wonder how the aspect fits in? Have you ever considered what it means to have a planet ruling a house? And what happens when you have ‘dilemmas’ in a chart – for example, a planet in rulership but in a cadent house? Where do you begin to make sense of it all? <More information>

Chart Reading - Practical

Chart Reading - Practical continues the focus on how you read aspects in a chart through hands-on practical sessions with Darrelyn Gunzburg. We begin to look at how patterns are formed from birth and what this means in adulthood. We continue to emphasise the necessity to keep complex issues simple, rather than simplistic, in order to better articulate the inherent intricacies. <More information>


Astro Logos Diploma of Astrology

Natal Chart Reading

The 5-month Diploma Delineation Module that follows builds on the astrological education you have received through the two Astro Logos online schools. It continues the work you covered on simple aspects and teaches you how to link the parts of the chart together in order to read it as a totality. You are taught how to look for and define the themes and issues which make up the complete personality, how to assess the Achilles heel of the chart and, most importantly, how to lead a client to understand how to use what is fated in the chart with their free-will. <More information>

Predictive Astrology

The 5-month Predictive Astrology Module is divided into two levels:
Level One teaches you the basics of Predictive Astrology, the way to think of Fate and Freewill, how to find and work with transits and how to read them. We educate you about Secondary Progressions, including the Secondary Progressed Lunation Cycle, and train you in how to link transits and Secondary Progressions together as a Time Map and to read them for a client. The main text you will be using is Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark by Bernadette Brady (York Beach: Samuel Weiser, 1998).

Level Two is designed to help you in the consulting room when dealing with a client's predictive work and covers Returns, Wyn Key Cycles, Eclipses, and Fidaria. It then focuses on how to put this all together. This level of study builds on what has been learnt in Level One and explores the many ways that the future can be viewed for a client. You will discover what predictive techniques can best help your client.
<More information>


Advanced Diploma of Astrology

These modules below can also be studied as a One-Off Module

Relationships: The astrology of partnerships

Lecturer: Darrelyn Gunzburg and Bernadette Brady M.A.

Tutor: Darrelyn Gunzburg

This 5 month Module is devoted to the astrology of relationships. The module starts with the ethics of working with more than one chart and continues by exploring the tools of Composite Charts and Synastry Grids. It then looks at how to delineate these charts and grids and how they can be linked together to give an informative reading for a couple. The module also covers Davison Charts and predictive work on a Composite Chart. <More information>

Astrology as a personal cosmology

Lecturer and Tutor: Bernadette Brady M.A and Darrelyn Gunzburg

This 5 month module considers the many ways that we map astrology to better understand the patterns in our lives. The module covers proactive predictive work, chaos and fate, astrology and space, astrographology, and the uses of enchantment in terms of visual astrology - steping into astrology rather than talking about astrology. <More information>

Seeing the Sky through Astrologial Eyes - Fixed Star and Visual Astrology Module

The Fixed Star and Visual Astrology module is designed to teach you how to work with the fixed stars and visual astrology using the original methods employed by astrologers before the days of Ptolemy. You will be taught how to weave these techniques with the natal chart to give a deeper understanding of planetary aspects and combinations. If you are a consulting astrologer this diploma will enhance and deepen your astrology and allow you to offer a unique astrological service to your clients. This module is taught over six months. <More information>

Medieval Perspectives Module

Medieval astrology, unlike the traditional astrology of William Lilly, lends itself to the modern astrologer's tool kit as it is a tapestry of techniques and philosophy. Unlike psychological astrology or modern astrology, in medieval astrology the cosmos is external to the individual and focused on the world around the individual. However, when combined with the internal cosmology of contemporary astrology, one gains a beautifully complete astrological tool of working with both the inner psyche of the individual as well as their outer world. This blend, like a fine wine, produces an insightful, compassionate and rich astrology. The module is taught over six months. <More information>



What are the prerequisites for enroling with Astro Logos?

The Chart Reading online intensive is open to all students who know the basic components of astrology.
The Diploma of Astrology is open to all those who have completed Chart Reading Parts One and Two, unless a case can be made to bypass this by completing a short written paper.

Modules of the Advanced Diploma are available as One-Off modules to those who have a basic, standard astrological background, achieved after at least two years of study, for this course is designed to be an overlay to your already-solid basis of either psychological or traditional astrology and to be a gateway for astrologers into the enthralling workings of one of these advanced modules.


How do I apply to be accepted in an Astro Logos course?

For the Chart Reading online courses which lead to the Diploma of Astrology you can simply contact us with your request.

With the Advanced Diploma we only take a limited number of new students into any diploma in any particular year. We also require that you already have a good working knowledge of astrology. Therefore if you would like to apply to one of the Advanced Diploma modules your first step is to complete this "Request for Admission to Study with Astro Logos" on-line form by clicking here..

What are the fees and when are they paid?

All fees are paid in advance semester by semester. To see the current fees for all our courses please visit our enrolment page by clicking here.


5 Things to know about studying with Astro Logos

1. World class tutoring

All teaching is by Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg. You are not assigned to a committee of tutors.

2. Astro Logos has been teaching since 1990

We know how to guide you through the learning curves not only of required
techniques but also how to pour them into your astrology to enrich your work.

3. Small online tutorials – one-to-one teaching

You can develop a one-to-one mentorship relationship with Bernadette or
Darrelyn, enabling the teaching to be focused on your needs, as well as developing long-lasting connections with your fellow students.

4. We are serious about astrology.

Our courses are ‘slow food’ not ‘fast takeaway’. We do not believe that there is a quick and easy way to learn astrology. Hence our diplomas are structured to enable you to take the time needed to process the work.

5. Astro Logos graduates become practicing astrologers

From the moment you enrol with us we help you to take the steps we know you will need in order to see clients, write astrological articles, and speak at conferences. You will be required to send in written assignments. Furthermore we set up practical ‘consultations’ so you can polish your consulting technique.