Since 1990 Astro Logos is in service to the professional global astrological community through our dedication to astrological understanding, awareness and education.

Terms & Conditions


There are no refunds available on Studyshops. If a Studyshop is damaged in the post, you will need to notify us upon its receipt and return it to Astro Logos. Once we receive the damaged Studyshop, we will replace it free of charge.

If a Studyshop is lost in the post, there will be a three-month waiting time to allow the article to be returned to us via our sender's address. Once we receive the returned postal article, we will resend another one to you after rechecking your address via email. If the article is not returned to us in three months, and you have still not received it, we will replace the Studyshop free of charge. However, you will required to pay the fee for a special delivery courier service where the parcel will require a signature.


Please be aware that Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg reserve the right to decline to do any particular reading. All consultations will be confirmed before we work on your chart. We will also make a copy of your audio tape and hold this for 30 days after despatch. If your tape is damaged in the post, you will need to notify us by email as soon as possible and we will forward you another copy free of charge. The reading will be done using the birth data you have entered on the form. Please be aware that there are no refunds for readings if you have sent us the incorrect birth data.

Once a consultation is confirmed there are no refunds. However, consultations cancelled within 2 days of making a booking will be refunded minus a 10.00 fee.

Course Materials

There are no refunds on any course materials, although any damage caused through postage will be replaced free of charge upon the return of the damaged CD.

Course Fees

Please be aware that Astro Logos does reserve the right to decline an enrolment. If after course commencement you find that is not what you expected and you notify us within two weeks of receipt of materials, then we will refund half of your fees. However, after that period no refunds are available.

Deferring to next Enrolment period

A student may, within one month of the commencement of a module, defer their fees into the next enrolment period for that module with no additional fees. However, once a student has deferred their fees to the next period, they are unable to defer those fees a second time and if they fail to complete or partake of that next enrolment period, they forfeit their fees.