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What is a Studyshop?

Studyshops are a sure way of expanding your astrological knowledge

Our sales figures since 2004 tell us that thousands of astrologers world wide learn from Studyshops

Studyshops are classic audio workshops or tutorials from great astrologers, designed to place you in the front row of the workshop and provide you with an image-rich, textually vibrant environment in which to learn. They lend themselves to self-study, as well as forming your own Studyshop group to listen and learn together.

There are two types of Studyshops:

Browser Studyshops

our original format which is audio files, graphics and text all linked together via pages which act and look like normal web pages, but you are not on-line, you are running the Studyshop from your own computer. The Studyshop will open automatically when you place it in your computer's CD or DVD drive and it will use your browser (the software you are using now to look at this web page) to show you the pages.

Studyshops are like a "website on a CD", except it is a "website" containing four-to-five hours of audio files which are the full-day workshop or in the Tutorial Series three to five hours of tutorials. These audio files are opened by clicking a link on the Studyshop's main page. The whole Studyshop runs from your computer's CD or DVD player. You do not need to be on-line and, better still, it is yours to own and play as often as you like, so you can revisit a workshop or tutorial over many years.

Flash Studyshops

The whole workshop set as a Flash presentations. You simply click the button an sit back to listen to the speaker and watch as they move the images forward and move their mouse to point things out in a chart or image. Stop, replay, pause you have full control of the workshops experience. Of course because it is a Studyshop you will also get supporting articles, and all the handouts and charts available to look at separately on screen or printout for your own use.

Download to MP3 Player

Both sorts of Studyshops have sound files of the entire workshop available for download from the CD into a MP3 player.

The core of each Studyshops is always an audio workshop or set of tutorials. This is then supported by textual material which either expands the ideas put forward in the workshop or enhances and extends those ideas with background or historical information, as well as images, photographs and paintings which contain or symbolise those ideas.

Each Studyshop contains many hours of lectures, with accompanying pages, articles and background information.

The images on the left are from Liz Greene's Astrology, Myth and Fairy Tales Studyshop. By clicking on different links on the main page (the blue page) you then open different parts of the workshop, as well as different pages of information (shown here as smaller pages).

Each Studyshop is designed to open automatically in your PC (Windows 98 or later) MAC or Unix platforms.

Once you have downloaded the studyshop make sure you unzip it into its own folder somewhere on your computer then open the folder and double click on the file named 'index' . Your browser will open the title page of the Studyshop. To open the main page click on the name of the workshop, in the same way as you surf the web. You will see all the audio files olisted along with descriptions of the workshop or tutorial sessions. By clicking Part 1 or Part 2, and so on, you will automatically open your computer's sound system which will play the audio file. As you move your mouse across the different links on the page, you will find Bonus gateways or portals into other articles, images and background information which you can open while you are listening to the audio files. You can also open your word processor and take notes as you listen, as the audio files will run in the background.

If the studyshop contains Flash movies then simple click on the image of the first part and the Flash movie will begin.