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The Academic Conference on Astrology; Magic, Divination and Destiny - Vol I and II
Nick Campion, Liz Greene and Bernadette Brady

If you have ever thought, "What is Astrology?", if you have wondered if astrology is divination, magic or indeed something else, if you have pondered about the role of fate in astrology or the celestial philosophies within astrology, then this conference, given by three of the leading thinkers in this field, is the place for you to begin your journey into a deeper knowledge of the complex nature of astrology in our culture. For more information on each volume click on the images below.

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Astrology:Magic, Divination and Destiny Volume I
Philosophies within Astrology
Nick Campion, Liz Greene and Bernadette Brady

Volume I - Philosophies within Astrology begins with an initial discussion of the many definitions of astrology and the meaning of ‘culture’. This is followed by the systems of thought proposed by Plato in the fourth century BCE which provided a foundation for the western esoteric tradition and cosmology up to the seventeenth century. Campion discusses Aristotle’s celestial philosophy and its links to the practice of astrology through astrologers such as Ptolemy. Greene and Brady delve into the threads of western astrological philosophy in the writings of the Orphics, the Stoics and the Neoplatonists . The volume then concludes with an investigation of destiny, fate and determinism in philosophy as well as within astrology . » read more


Astrology:Magic, Divination and Destiny Volume II
Astrology and Ideologies
Nick Campion, Liz Greene and Bernadette Brady

Volume II - Astrology and Ideologies, continues the conference with an exploration of myth and its role in contemporary culture. This leads into an investigation of magic and divination as systems of thought and whether astrology could be considered as one of these idealogies. The final lecture of the conference is an encounter with the grand narrative of modernity and the emergence of the post-modern reaction to this grand narrative. The ‘non-moderns’ are explored and the question posed: Is astrology modern, post-modern or non-modern? » read more