Since 1990 Astro Logos is in service to the professional global astrological community through our dedication to astrological understanding, awareness and education.

Astro Logos Ltd.

Astro Logos Ltd.
Registered in England
Company Number 4615038

Registered Office
38 East St
South Molton
EX38 3DF

Astro Logos is the astrological teaching school of Dr Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg, both of whom are international lectures and authors in astrology.

Our Story

Astro Logos was first established in Adelaide, South Australia, in February, 1990. It was based on the astrological teaching experience of Bernadette Brady, who had been teaching astrology since 1980, and Darrelyn Gunzburg who had been teaching since 1984. At this time Astro Logos was both a school for attending students as well as Open Learning (distance education).

In 2003, Astro Logos relocated to Bristol, UK, to allow both Bernadette and Darrelyn to pursue their own study interests, as well as to provide easier access to astrological conferences in Europe and the USA. At this time Astro Logos made the decision to only teach students through Open Learning.

Astro Logos is a Ltd UK company, providing mentoring for a selected group of students, as well as publishing the Master Class Series of Studyshops.

Our Approach to Teaching

We are both involved with astrology at an academic level. Separately and together we have been presented with some of the most prestigious awards from astrological organizations, such as the UAC Regulus Award, USA, and the Charles Harvey Award, UK. We bring this to our teaching of astrology in that we go beyond teaching you the techiques of astrology and deal with the cosmological issues around astrology.

We use a personal hands-on, people-to-people business practice and we focus on enabling our students to become professional astrologers. Many of our graduates work as practicing astrologers, some have developed world-acknowledged software and still others have moved into academic study.

We are serious about our astrology. If you are serious about your astrology then you are in the right place. Take five minutes and have a look at what we can offer you.